Monday, September 19, 2011


Today is a sad, dreary day.  The weather agrees with me.  It's been raining since early this morning; before I was even awake.

I've made it a priority to keep myself involved while at school, and I like to believe that I've done an adequate job of doing so.  I am taking Honors level courses, was selected to be an Honors intern, applied for a job (from which I have still not heard back), participate in Softball Club, am a member of the Youth and Literacy Club, and partake in the Adopt-a-Grandparent Program.  I also try to attend most of the events that CAB puts on such as Ashland Idol, Acoustic Cafe, comedian acts, etc.


There are days, such as today, when none of these events are going on and I'm (shockingly enough) ahead of schedule with my work.  Yesterday was exceedingly lonely as my roommate and both suite-mates had gone home, and so did Kailyn and Brenna following their visit.  Today everyone is back at school, but it's a non-motivational day.  They have papers to write and classes for which to study, and the rain wants to keep us cooped up in our rooms.

I wasn't prepared for such homesickness.  I've always been very strong when it came to being away from home, but today it came crashing down on me.  I had the urge to call Larissa to talk with her about it, and of course that only worsened the matter.

If it weren't for the fact that my family is so wonderful and that my friends are so awesome, then this would not be a problem.  I don't want to make it seem as though my college experience has been negative.  I've thoroughly loved it with my fun times having far exceeded the sad ones.

As a cheerful reminder, I have left a collage of pictures below to show that I have been enjoying myself. :)

Glow Dance Party! (except that you can't see our faces...)

That's better. :) From left to right: Hannah, Mary, Me and Alison

Bowling Team 1: Amanda, Matt, Hannah and Leslie

Bowling Team 2: Me, Mary and Alison

We like to exaggerate our bowling methods. :)

Like by spinning around in circles...

Mary, Leslie and Amanda serenading to Hannah


Blue Suede Shoes :)

I went to Heidelberg to visit Jordan! :)

We're weird...


Brenna: "Best shot of the day!"

Mixin' it up

Poundin' the rock ;)

Hole in one!

Brenna had to search for her lost golf ball. :)

And then she got stuck in the tunnel...

Batting cages!

Dinner at B Dubs

"The Lion King" in 3D <3
 In conclusion, I am extremely excited to see my family this upcoming weekend and hope to make many new memories while at Ashland. :)