Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Our Nation's Capital

Visiting D.C. was quite the unbelievable experience.  Taking a step back and realizing the amazing leaps we took as a country to get where we are today is extraordinary.  Braving a new world, opposing an insanely resilient government, standing up to slavery...we are a country of unique and humble beginnings but proved to be strong and proud.  I am proud to say this is my home.

Everyone was giddy with excitement when the trip began.  There was bubbly chatter floating throughout the bus and we all were getting along quite well.

Myself and Ryann
Elise and Kailyn

And of course, Jordan (Ryann's dad, our chaperon, is in the background in the orange shirt.)
Disaster struck when we were driving on the Pennsylvania turnpike and we heard a loud pop noise and bumped along until we could safely pull over.  Flat tire.  I figured that this would be a relatively easy fix and we'd be on our way in no time.  I was wrong.  We were able to watch National Treasure almost completely through to the end before we were back on our way.  (It took roughly two hours.)  We checked into our hotel at about midnight.

That made the next morning a little difficult for some of us to wake up, but Gettysburg was a great stop.  The museum was impressive.

This is just a small sampling of what was there.

The gift shop also provided good entertainment. :)

Elise was playing with the classic ball and cup; and failing miserably.

Evan just being Evan. (He's impossible to describe.)

What an uncanny resemblance! ;)
We ate at the Dobbin House that morning.  The food was fine, but nothing outstanding.  I must say that on the overall trip, the food was sub par.  I was disappointed by that aspect.  However, I really enjoyed everything else Gettysburg had to offer.

Mr. Higgins, one of the chaperons and our calculus teacher, was less than thrilled about being photographed, but we insisted. :)

Such a cute town :)

One of the battle sites

This guy was awesome. :)

The guide informed us that a family of eight children lived in that tiny, little house.  I can't even imagine.

Nap time...

Once we reached the capital, we were constantly moving.  Our days were jam-packed with activities such as going on tours visiting the Capital Building, the Washington Monument, the Pentagon Memorial, the Newseum, the Vietnam War Memorial, the Library of Congress and countless others.  The trip was exhausting but entirely worth it.
Washington Monument

Capital Building

inside of the Capital Building


This picture was especially unique with how well the landmarks lined up with the moon.

We went to a 4-D movie at the Newseum.

This was an actual piece of one of the Twin Towers after 9-11.

A giant cockroach we found...just after eating there. :/

Ryann's dad is too cool. :)

What a rebel ;)

Arlington Cemetery

The Library of Congress (absolutely gorgeous!)

The White House...obviously

Elise sleeping on the way home in her newest purchase, the panda hat :)

I'm grateful that our class was lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel together.  We learned a little more about our teachers, each other, and most importantly, our nation's history.  It was an unforgettable expedition.