Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Musical Weekend

I have gotten to spend over the past twenty-four hours with my family. Just my family. No homework, no work, no softball, no other silly, monotonous activities. This has been joyous. I haven't had this kind of quality bonding in quite some time. I truly love my family. That seems like such an obvious statement, and yet it's all encompassing. I'm blessed, simply and entirely.

This weekend is the high school's musical production of Guys and Dolls. Jordan is in it again this year as Lieutenant Brannigan. On Tuesday, he went into the E.R. with intense stomach pains and discovered that he had appendicitis. :( He was immediately scheduled for surgery which went very successfully and smoothly, thankfully! He is still able to perform his part though he was restricted from any of the dance parts. But leading into my story...

At school, one could buy a star to write little messages of luck to the cast and crew of the musical. Being very unobservant, I didn't think to buy any until my brother Ian came home with 26 of them for his girlfriend Billie. The fact that Ian remembered and I didn't is slightly embarrassing based on his responsibility track record.  Anyways, I couldn't show up empty handed, so it was my mission at school to buy many, many stars. However, when I got to school (after the two hour delay), I was told that they were no longer selling stars. Disappointed, I tried to come up with a Plan B. We didn't have class for calculus in order to celebrate Pi Day a bit early, and I didn't eat any sweets because of Lent, so I spent the period designing a very big star. I luckily found a giant sheet of yellow construction paper in the yearbook office. I cut out very irregular stars: one large yellow one and two smaller red ones. I attached the one red star to the yellow and added Jordan's name. The second red star was for Timmy that Ryann generously decorated for me. :) I personally think that these stars stars turned out to be better than any I could have paid for. (Side note: after helping out in the office, I discovered that stars actually still being sold)

Today my family (minus Ian), went to Playhouse Square to see Shrek the Musical. It was absolutely awesome. The effects were cute and creative and we very much appreciated them. I would recommend it to any age. All of the characters owned their identities and had wonderful voices. We then went out to eat at Macaroni Grill. It was delicious, as always, with funny dinner conversation. Sela, who normally isn't allowed to have caffeine, had Coke with her dinner and therefore was pretty funny. Brenna was good for a laugh when she accidentally wrote with crayon on the tablecloth instead of the paper. We enjoyed the ride home belting out songs on the radio. It was a good day.

I'm looking forward to seeing Guys and Dolls tomorrow as well as the senior D.C. trip this next weekend! :)

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