Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Learning to Fly

I feel that this post is aptly named as it applies to not only my new mascot the eagle, but also the symbolic idea that I am spreading my wings without help for the first time.

This week I did something that is still quite unbelievable to me: I moved in to my dorm at Ashland University.  I had a few doubts and fears, but it mostly stirred excitement.  And thus far, I have not been disappointed. 

My parents and Brenna helped me pack up and move in on Sunday.  They were of great assistance and entertainment and I was glad that they were part of my monumental step into adult life.

Half of my stuff in the back of the car

Brenna and I before the Farewell Dinner

I am living on the fourth floor in Clayton Hall where the Honors Program students live.  I share a room with my roommate Alison and also share a middle room with her and my suite-mates Mary and Hannah.  Fun fact: I have Larissa's old room!  I did not realize this until my RA Melany pointed it out.  I'm using the same closet that she did and have my jewelry hanging as she did.  It's weird to think that she's thousands of miles away yet I'm sitting where she sat so many times last year.

Room Pictures!

Alison's pickles and our cacti Pickles, Prickles, and Carl :)

Hannah, Mary, Alison, and me :)

My roommate and suite-mates arrived on campus bright and early on move-in day.  I was the last one to show up, which actually was pretty convenient because it was less crazy and crowded to unpack and put things away.  My dad assembled our futon, shelves and also drilled a dry erase board to the wall.  (Don't tell anyone; that's a code violation.)  Anyway, the room is pretty much set and organized now.  We just need to buy more trash cans and such.

Funny story...

My dad had adhered my giant collage of pictures to a wall above my shelf near my desk.  We figured it would hold fine...or so we thought.  At around 4:00 in the morning, the frame came crashing down off of the wall and missed hitting Alison in the head by about 5 inches.  This was not the kind of first impression that I was hoping to make.  She clearly had been frightened by the noise, as had I.  We talked about it the next morning when we were more coherent and I profusely apologized.  She told me that it was fine and now we laugh about it as we explain the funny scenario to others.

Ashland has been shoving activities down our throats to keep us occupied and therefore reduce homesickness.  It's a great plan that works, but it's simultaneously exhausting.  I've met some great people who I hope to see in classes and also can't wait to meet new people in these classes.

I can't wait to watch this year unfold and am looking forward to the Honors Retreat this weekend! :)

"Good parents give their children roots and wings; roots to know where home is and wings to fly off and practice what has been taught to them." -Jonas Salk

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  1. Very nice to know what's up. I miss you and have oodles of fun