Saturday, January 29, 2011

Eventful Weekend

***To save confusion, this is a list of all of the people who played a role in this post.

Larissa: sister (20)
Ian: brother (16)
Brenna: sister (14)
Anessa: (12)
Sela: (10)
Mara: (8)

Ryann: friend (who happens to be a girl)
Kailyn: friend
Brooke: friend
Jordan: boyfriend

I love weekends.  They're like mini escapes from the monotony of the week.

The school day ended Friday and I was immediately off to Sandusky with Ryann to help Kailyn and Brooke choose accessories to wear to the beach-themed basketball game.  We went to Buffalo Wild Wings (always a treat) and then headed to Party Place where we found grass skirts, leis, and other beachy paraphernalia.  (The basketball team ended up demolishing Bellevue.)  Ryann and I did not go to the game, but we did have a wonderfully long, deep conversation and some ice cream. :) 

Funny thing about the conversation: Ryann drove to my house to drop me off and we just stayed in her truck and talked for awhile.  My sister Brenna (who is a very funny individual) did not recognize Ryann's truck that was sitting in our driveway.  She was home alone and was worried that there were creeps sitting outside of the house.  She army crawled underneath the window so that she couldn't be seen and then went outside to confront the strangers.  Brenna recognized us and was instantly relieved.  I gave her my leftover wings for her trouble. :)

Jordan and I watched Get Smart and Beauty and the Beast later that night.  I enjoyed the humor of Get Smart since I'd never seen it before and it was also fun to sing along with Disney music. :)  My brother Ian had a swim meet this morning in Ashland.  I had planned to go watch, but unfortunately slept through my alarm. :(  It would have been nice to visit Larissa since she would be there too and I'd have liked to support Ian at his meet.  He placed first in the second heat of the backstroke.  However, his team did not do so well overall.

At home, I made grilled cheese, tomato soup, and apple grape salad with chocolate milk.  The little girls (Anessa, Sela, and Mara) and I watched Marley and Me while eating lunch.  We all fought back tears at the end though we'd seen it numerous times.  It's a very heartwarming story.

Tonight I work from 5:00 to 11:00.  I have a job at Pizza Post; a tiny, family-owned restaurant.  I'm very fortunate to have this job because the boss is understanding of a high schooler's schedule and is sure to put family, school, and sports first.  It should be pretty busy since it's Saturday, but I'd rather be busy than bored.

Tomorrow morning is my last winterball game.  We play indoor softball at the Gameday Center.  We have to be ready to go in the cages by 7:00 a.m. (eww) and then play at 8:00.  It's hard to get up and drive so early, but we do have fun once we're there.  It's much more relaxed since it's pre-season; more like practice than a game.  I've refigured my swing for this season and have done fairly well, hitting wise.  I'm really excited for the start of senior year in softball. :)

Tomorrow is my mom's and Brenna's birthday!  :)  Brenna was born on my mom's 30th birthday; her golden brithday.  She likes to convince everyone that she was the best birthday present my mom ever received.  She's such a modest girl.

Happy 45th birthday, Mom! :)

Happy 15th birthday, Brenna! :)

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  1. Haha, this is awesome :) Tell your mom I said Happy Birthday, I already told Brenna