Friday, February 25, 2011

At a Loss for a Title

Finally; a day to relax! The make-up days are piling up like the snowfall outside, but for the time being, I don't care. :)

Softball season is officially underway and has been much more rigorous than any of the years past. We've been working hard and I hope that it pays off! Being one of the only healthy, uninjured seniors, I have to step up and be a leader. I've never been the type of person to take control of a situation. I'm a definite people-pleaser. However, I think that this is something important and I know that I can do it.

Within the past week, I was accepted into the Honors Program at Ashland. It was kind of awesome that my sister was the one who was able to notify me about it beforehand since I was on her calling list. :) I have an interview for a scholarship for this program which will take place on March 1st. I hope that all goes well!

I've started working on my scrapbook pages with my mom, grandma, and siblings. It's really fun to do, though it takes me a long time to finish one set of pages. :/ I'm the only person I know who will have an entire page dedicated to her only speeding ticket. It is rather funny, but in an embarrassing type of way.

That is all that I have to report for now. :)


  1. Congratulations on the honors program at Ashland. You are awesome. And good luck with the softball season I'm sure you will be a great leader for the team this year.

  2. I know you will do great being a leader! You are good leader in your family, just think of all of them as your little sisters. ;)
    Congrats on your honors program. I hope you do well and get the scholarship!